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Company Background

One of the first HDTV production companies in America,
we have been pioneers in the industry for over 25 years...


We discovered the new television format of High Definition off in a corner at the 1994 NAB Show. Immediately mesmerized, I came home and restructured my company and invested heavily in HDTV technology. In 1995 we produced our first HD program for a theater exhibit. It ended up being the first HDTV motion ride in the world. In 1996 we produced the first HD program for the National Park Service, still running in the Redwood National Park. We produced one of the first documentary programs in HD for PBS, and produced “Texas Wild” which was nominated for an Emmy in 1997. “Texas Wild” and several other of our early programs were HDTV broadcast firsts. It was the first program on a new Discovery Channel called “Discovery HD Theater” several of our programs helped Mark Cuban launch HDNet, and we provided about 50% of the programs on the first HD broadcast loop on WFAA in Dallas as well. Teaming up with Randall Dark and his company HD Vision, we helped Sony develop and beta test the first portable HD ENG cameras. We worked closely with Panasonic in it’s early HD ENG camera technology, and provided a majority of the early demonstration programs that were used by many manufacturers for both broadcast and consumer products. These were exciting years as we helped the format develop into maturity. Working at some point with every major broadcast manufacturer and most of the major broadcasters during this 10 year development period.


In 2006, after several years of experimenting with various forms of multi-camera trucks, we set out to create the most technically advanced HDTV unit of it’s kind. Teaming up with Apple Computer and Marathon Coach, we designed and built the first completely tapeless, uncompressed, production truck in America. Launching it in 2007 at NAB, we walked away with 2 Best of Show awards and 18 trade magazine articles. This 45 ft. mobile was built on a Prevost chassis and included 12 ISO cameras, master switch, two edit suites, live broadcast or live-to-tape capabilities, and had a permanent base crew of 4 that traveled with the vehicle. Mostly catering to small sporting events (wrestling, boxing, some auto racing, poker) and concerts. All feeds were recorded on a massive server system that editors could access simultaneously.

Storytelling — 2013-CURRENT

Leaving the multi-camera business, we have produced an “Automotive Block” that consists of 91-half hour episodes, spread over 3 different series. “Reality Rides” “Magnificent Motorcars” and “The Curators Vault.” These series were aimed at two different target demographics for advertising. Reality Rides was aimed at middle-America, middle income, mainly male 30-55 audience. In it’s second season it became the highest rated day-time show on Velocity within a 14 month window, beating out Discovery produced programming. All three series have run on Velocity garnering excellent Nielsen ratings in a daytime morning slot. Later running on Hulu, Amazon Prime, Rev’N TV, and in several regional syndicated markets including Dallas. Overseas distribution has also been successful. Winner of 4 Telly Awards (1 silver) in this time period. These series were filmed on location in the US and across 8 European countries.


Emmy Nomination in 1997 for “Texas Wild”

Winner of 14 Telly Awards (3 Silver)

Winner of 6 Vision Awards

Winner of 5 Communicator Awards

Winner of 1 Summit Advertising Award

We produced numerous DVD and Bluray sets
distributed across North America...


6724 Calender Rd.
Arlington, TX  76001


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